The Truth About Mary Lou Davis' Friendship With Hell's Kitchen Rival Kori Sutton

"Hell's Kitchen" is a rollercoaster ride for both its fans and participants. As reported by People, the show's 19th season saw some rather promising contenders, such as chefs Mary Lou Davis and Kori Sutton. While both were extremely talented chefs, Davis ended up losing to Sutton. 

The latter revealed that she was focused on getting the basics right and kept working on her skills in a bid to get better. She said that she was prepping before entering the contest and would work with recipes such as risottos and scallops. She added, "I would [also] practice the little things: grilling chicken properly, searing my steaks. Even though these are common things for me it's just one of those I just want to keep repeating it, just in case."

Also, chef Davis was upbeat despite losing the title to Sutton. She was grateful for everything she learned during her time on "Hell's Kitchen." She wrote on Instagram, "Every day at @hellskitchenfox I learned from every mistake I made, determined not to make it twice. I gained confidence and was able to believe in myself. I surprised so many people, so many not feel bad for me." Here's a heartwarming fact: She has a really good relationship with Sutton. 

Mary Lou Davis and Kori Sutton are actually good friends

Chef Mary Lou Davis is very fond of her fellow participant from "Hell's Kitchen." In fact, on her alternative Instagram account, she wrote about a moving moment that she often shared with chef Kori Sutton. Davis wrote, "Every night after elimination @chef_kori_la and I would walk back shoulder to shoulder and talk about the day. She would always say, 'you and me in the end girly.'"

You have to admit — that is really wholesome. In response to the post, a fan wrote, "I've been so impressed with both of you guys!!! I love your friendship." Another commentator mentioned that both chefs were their top favorites on the show. A fan also mentioned that they were keeping their fingers crossed and rooting for both chefs to make it to the finale. Perhaps one of the best comments was this one. It read, "I love this. Women support women!"