The Truth About Samuel Garman From Hell's Kitchen: Young Guns Season 1

In an attempt to instill more excitement for the upcoming season of "Hell's Kitchen: Young Guns," the production team released a "Meet the Young Guns" video on YouTube, teasing a clip of each young hopeful. These consist of a small phrase from each contestant and a patented Ramsay reaction, such as calling one contestant a muppet for messing up with a non-stick pan. In this general formula, contestant Samuel Garman's part sticks out: "Absolutely, like, shocked, and just so happy. This is what I've worked towards in my life so far, so it's absolutely incredible," Garman says in the clip. This is followed by him high-fiving a fellow contestant, while you can hear Gordon Ramsay say "well done" in the background. 

What makes this strange is that almost all of the other contestants have some setup for potential drama and/or a Ramsay smackdown. Does this advertisement foreshadow Samuel Garman as one of the finalists for "Hell's Kitchen: Young Guns"? Perhaps, but we will have to start watching the series on May 31 to see how the young Pennsylvanian chef fares.

Samuel Garman has experience as a sous chef

As Gold Derby describes, Season 20 of "Hell's Kitchen" has a new format focused on contestants who are 24 years old and younger. Due to the age restrictions, nobody competing this season has a decade-long resume to consider. However, what we do know about contestant Samuel Garman sets him up as a major competitor for the season.

In 2016, the blog for Bellewood Country Club, a private membership club in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, announced it was hiring Samuel Garman as the new sous chef. According to the club, he grew up in Fleetwood, Pennsylvania before attending and graduating from the Culinary Institute of America. After that, Garman worked at the Boca Raton Waldorf Astoria Resort and Club in Boca Raton, Florida. Looking at Garman's Facebook page, he claims to have started filming for Season 20 of "Hell's Kitchen" about two years ago, meaning he would have had two years of sous chef experience at the Bellewood by that time.

The weird thing is that in a different promotional video for the season, Ramsay waxes about how some of these contestants are "guys and girls who wouldn't afford $100,000 for culinary school." And yet one of the contestants studied at the Culinary Institute of America — what Niche considers one of the best culinary schools in the country. We can only wait and see, however, whether such a background actually puts Garman in a distinct league from the other competitors.