Costco Shoppers Can't Stand These Steak Burritos

When hunger strikes and you want to indulge in some Tex Mex flavors, nothing hits the spot like a frozen burrito. Finding the right version of this instant meal proves harder than expected. According to Uproxx, you need to get your hands on a Tina's Burrito. Otherwise, you need to try to hunt down one of these frozen treats from El Monterey or José Olé for a good time. While these options can prove to be satisfactory, some of these south-of-the-border-inspired meals miss the mark, and if Instagram has anything to say about it, you need to avoid one of Costco's latest offerings.

Instagrammer @costco_doesitagain recently discovered that the big box store now carries Red's Steak Cilantro and Lime frozen burritos. They posted a picture of the find and despite the fact that the image attracted over 4,000 likes, many folks haven't taken to the new product. These antibiotic-free instant meals seem like they could easily please a crowd but Costco fans disagree, replying with comments ranging from: "Didn't care for them. I didn't know we could return them though!" all the way to, "These would be amazing if the filling really was rice and meat, the chicken ones cook into a mush with a paste-like texture. Do NOT recommend."

For most people, it's a hard pass on Costco's new burritos

Fans have targeted the texture of the burritos as the main flaw. Replies to @costco_doesitagain's post pinpointed this issue, as characterized in gems like, "Basically mushy dog food," "These are super gross and the meat is rubbery. We threw them away," and "Wayyy too salty and mushy." If you have searched high and low for new burrito offerings, these new Costco finds might not hit the spot.

However, not all hope is lost for the snack. Some folks love the frozen burritos and chimed in with some appreciation. "Wow, was not expecting to read so many people hating on them. I really liked them!" wrote one pleased customer. See where you fall in the debate and make sure to check out this new product during your next Costco run. You may end up agreeing with the majority of opinions, but if you get lucky, you might end up finding a new favorite item.