The Truth About Keanu Hogan From Hell's Kitchen: Young Guns Season 1

Keanu Hogan, a 23-year-old private chef from Baltimore, Maryland will be in the mix when "Hell's Kitchen: Young Guns" premieres May 31 on Fox (via Gold Derby). The Instagram page for Thee Perfect Bite, Hogan's dining-service business, describes her food as "ethnically sourced, curated from the soul."

On her website, Hogan recalls growing up in a house full of women. She and her two sisters were raised by her mother, and her inspiration to cook came from watching her mother and grandmother in the kitchen. "I remember my grandma making burgers, pancakes, sausages, I mean anything you could think of, from nothing," Hogan wrote on her website.

Hogan revealed more about how she got started in cooking during a live Instagram interview with Just Call Me Chef, an organization that supports Black female chefs. "I've been cooking forever," Hogan said. "I literally have been in the kitchen since I was a baby just watching my family do from-scratch meals, and it just stuck like glue. ... I thought it was magical. And the rest is history."

Keanu Hogan overcame stereotypes about Black female chefs

"Hell's Kitchen: Young Guns" contestant Keanu Hogan got straight A's in school but wasn't sure what to do for a career, she told Just Call Me Chef in an Instagram interview. She just knew she did not want to be bored. Hogan was already selling her homemade brownies at school to make some extra money, so she took a chance on culinary school. She already had the skills and the passion for cooking, but Hogan admitted she had to learn confidence as she went.

Hogan said she didn't see Black people represented very much at her culinary school. And when she worked the line at a restaurant in L.A. that regularly served actors and production crews, her fellow line cooks tried to tell her she wouldn't amount to anything. By the time she filmed "Hell's Kitchen," Hogan started to find her identity. She was done with being overlooked and stereotyped as a Black woman in a professional kitchen.

"Screw being afraid of people calling me the 'b' word or aggressive or mean," Hogan said in the Instagram interview. "Let me just own that. Let me just be aggressive. Once I started doing that, I started seeing things work for me."

Hogan already knows the answer, of course, but the only question remaining for "Hell's Kitchen" fans is whether the energy Hogan brings to the kitchen worked for Gordon Ramsay, too.