Here's How To Get Cast On Sugar Rush

If you've got sugar cravings and consider baking on a reality television show to be your dream — then this information is for you. "Sugar Rush," a Netflix competition show hosted by Hunter March, presents four professional duos competing in a baking contest on a time clock. The winners receive $10,000 and some major bragging rights.

Each baking round includes cakes, cupcakes, and various pastries that are judged by professional chefs along with a new guest. Season 4 will premiere July 30, 2021 (via Whenetflix). According to Netflix Life, the third season of "Sugar Rush" launched the "Extra Sweet" pantry (unique items that contestants had to incorporate in their desserts!). Who knows what this year has in store?

Casting normally begins about six months before the premiere date. So, if you are looking to apply, start searching around January. There is also a chance for a holiday special, as the series has done previously with "Sugar Rush Christmas."

What are the Sugar Rush application requirements?

According to the "Sugar Rush" Season 3 application process from 2019, the contestants have to be 21 to 69 years old and "the best of the best in the world of baking, cake artists, pastry chefs, and more," as the casting call states (via Backstage).

Few details are yet to be confirmed for next season's casting, but, typically, all travel expenses are covered, with "a per diem" provided. As per Season 3, the production and application process for nationwide talent takes place in Los Angeles between January and March.

Potential contestants must be able to commit for three or four days, including the time it takes to travel. Baking competition shows on Netflix, such as "Nailed It!" and "The Great British Bake Off," have similar guidelines. Make sure to look out for your next television opportunity, because getting cast on "Sugar Rush" sounds like a sweet deal (pun intended).