Details You Didn't Know About BurgerFi

Back in 2012, Coral Springs Talk announced that BurgerFi was opening a new location at The Walk in Coral Springs, FL, noting its delicious and flavorful food. In fact, the writer of the article enjoyed BurgerFi's cuisine so much that her family didn't have a single fry to spare as a leftover. 

According to their website, BurgerFi is "committed to providing the best burger experience" to its customers. The restaurant chain ensures that it sources the best possible ingredients, including everything from "100% natural American Angus beef" that is free of "steroids, antibiotics, or growth hormones" to its "premium Wagyu beef, cage-free chicken, [and] award-winning VegeFi Burger, Beyond Meat Burger and more," plus "made-to-order sides". BurgerFi also celebrated its 10 year anniversary in January of 2021, as the company was founded in Delray Beach, FL in 2011. 

Additionally, according to Nation's Restaurant News, BurgerFi prides itself on its sustainability efforts; these include, as President of BurgerFi Charlie Guzzetta notes, "installing energy efficient fans, energy efficient Eddison bulbs, and patio furniture made of recycled water bottles and milk jugs," as well as spearheading an effort "to combat food waste, including recycling ... used cooking oil into diesel fuel". So what's cooking behind the scenes here?

BurgerFi sell things other than burgers

While it may be easy to put BurgerFi in the proverbial burger corner, to rework a famous quote, nobody puts BurgerFi in a corner! They may be best known for their burgers and fries — and their name and burgerfication-focus indicate that burgers are certainly a focal menu item — they've got some top notch alternatives to burgers if your friends want something other than beef.

In fact, BurgerFi has whole sections of their menu devoted to other eats. There are chicken sandwiches like the Spicy Fi-ed Chicken Sandwich, which boasts "all-natural, cage-free chicken breast from Springer Mountain Farms, homemade hot pickles, fresh jalapeños, ghost pepper honey, [and] spicy mayo", and Hot Dogs, including the Texas Style Dog, served with the same toppings as the Texas Style fries. BurgerFi also has some pretty delectable looking custards, "concretes," and shakes; and for kids, grilled cheese is an option too!

BurgerFi has an extensive secret menu

BurgerFi's secret menu, according to Red Fox Report, is a means to re-work your burgers and fries to suit your taste, style, and cravings. They call out the "Hippie Veggie" — which consists of "two grilled quinoa burgers served on a potato bun with a side of neon relish" — as well as the option for "simply ordering your fries well done (crispy)". Minq also calls attention to BurgerFi's "1/2 + 1/2" as a standout option, involving an Angus beef and quinoa patty mixed together, though they note it isn't quite as popular.

You can also find some additional "secret menu" tricks on BurgerFi's Facebook page, including the fact that you can rework your onion rings and make them "Urban Style," which they comment is "a blend of parmesan + herbs topped with garlic aioli on our fries, onion rings or cry + fry." Furthermore, there are five different ways to order your fries at BurgerFi, from "Alternative Style" with American cheese, secret sauce, mustard, and diced onions to "Texas Fries" topped with chili and cheese.

BurgerFi supports a mission of sustainability and freshness

One can never be too safe or precious about the planet nowadays, and BurgerFi clearly agrees! According to The Simple Treat, as a brand they support a "mission of sustainability and sourcing ingredients that are fresh, of the best quality, and are healthy not only to us, but to the earth as well." 

The Simple Treat also notes that at each BurgerFi location, the materials used for the seats, tables, and more are sustainably sourced. For example, "the wooden tables are made from upcycled wood pallets or milk jugs," and "the chairs are made from 111 recycled Coke bottles." Additionally, BurgerFi's large fans use "66% less electricity" than standard fans, and they have specific policies for recycling bottles, cans, cardboard, and oils.

In addition to the sustainable store elements, BurgerFi's meat contains no antibiotics, steroids, or hormones, with many natural ingredients used for toppings and sides as well.

Employees like working at BurgerFi

So what's it like working at a BurgerFi? Of course, everyone's experience is different, and what might be an enjoyable career for one person could be a terrible job for someone else. For example, according to a Reddit user, most employees at McDonald's hate working there; however, at Burger Fi it seems to be the opposite. With over 450 reviews on Indeed, there are many more reviews that skew three to five stars than lower, with compliments on its simple learning system, balanced work between food service and customer service, and well-liked colleagues. 

Additionally, going into leadership positions at BurgerFi seems to be a popular option. For example, one former BurgerFi general manager shared "that they did get to learn a lot on the job and said that there were plenty of opportunities to grow within the organization." And according to users on Reddit, many tell their friends that they're happy working at BurgerFi as well.

BurgerFi aims to be the Shake Shack of the South

If you saw the words "custard" and "concrete" and thought, "hmm, that sounds familiar," you're not wrong. BurgerFi's name comes from a desire to "lead the 'BurgerFication of the Nation,'" recognizing burgers and fries as the building blocks for all restaurants, according to Franchise King. By Burgerfication, they mean teaching new ways of thinking about burgers and proving that a fast casual burger can also be gourmet. 

As Chain Store Aim mentions, BurgerFi president Charlie Guzzetta is quoted as saying, "People came to us because our food was better and healthier ... People come to us for the same reason they go to Shake Shack in New York or Whataburger in Texas." Guzzetta even uses a delivery platform also used by Shake Shack. And if BurgerFi's food is as healthy and sustainably sourced as they claim, they could snag some Shake Shack loyalists — especially New Yorkers craving the Shake Shack they're missing when they fly south for the winter.