The Guinness World Record Hershey's Holds

Breaking a world record is a feat that many strive to accomplish. Since Sir Hugh Beaver, the managing director of the Guinness Brewery, founded Guinness World Records in 1954, people from all around the world have put their minds and bodies to the ultimate test to achieve things that have never been done before.

As you can imagine, a lot of these world record titles fall within the food category. Over the years, people have grown massive crops, eaten copious amounts of a single food item over a specified time period, and whipped up some of the most expensive and elaborate meals you can think of in an effort to obtain the title of record holder. For example, the heaviest carrot ever recorded weighed over 22 lbs. The longest noodle measured nearly 10,120 feet long. The most McDonald's Big Macs ever consumed in one person's lifetime is just about 30,000 (via Insider).

Now, imagine feasting your eyes — and possibly your taste buds — on something so big, so beautiful, and so sweet. Picture a piece of smooth, rich chocolate so gargantuan, it would probably take years to finish.

What world record does Hershey's hold?

If you are a fan of chocolate candy, odds are you have likely enjoyed a Hershey's Kiss at some point in your lifetime. These bite-sized chocolate gems are fun to eat and make a great garnish for all kinds of desserts. And Hershey's, the world's largest chocolate manufacturer, does not mess around when it comes to the beloved sweet treat. 

According to Guinness World Records, the candy giant currently holds the record for the largest individual piece of chocolate. Said piece of chocolate was actually an enormous Hershey's Kiss that weighed in at a whopping 30,540 pounds (or 13,852.71 kilograms)! It was designed to celebrate the Hershey's Kiss' centennial anniversary in July 2007 and was on display for chocolate lovers and customers of Chocolate World, the brand's official candy store in its headquarter town of Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Can you even begin to imagine what you could do with 15 tons of chocolate?! That is one BIG Kiss. Talk about a sweet gift!