Redditors Think Chopped Needs To Make This Big Change

"Chopped" is undoubtedly one of Food Network's most popular shows. It was ranked 3rd on IMDB's list of Best Cooking Competitions, according to Screenrant, for its esteemed judges, popular host, and "serious" nature. The show has four chefs fighting through three rounds of cooking using mystery ingredients revealed at the start of each round in order to create unique and innovative dishes that will blow the judges' minds. And good news for fans: it's getting a 2021 season, according to host Ted Allen!

But despite its popularity, "Chopped" is not without its problems. Like most reality shows, drama is amped up in editing. Competitors note it's more of a game show than a cooking competition as some food isn't even good or edible, and there are even some judges fans really dislike. No show is perfect, but there are definitely things that fans, despite loving the show itself, would change in order to make a better "Chopped." Here's one of their biggest complaints!

Show me the money!

Although bragging about winning a food game show and being on TV is a prize in and of itself, competitors who win "Chopped" also get a $10,00 prize to use however they choose. But a thread on the Food Network Reddit indicates that fans believe there is a problem with this cash prize. Namely, it's not enough. One Reddit user explains that if you think about it, the $10,000 really isn't much after taxes, and "certainly isn't the life changing windfall the judges make it out to be." Reality TV Revisited notes that on a show like "Masterchef," winners receive a cool $250,000, although that show lasts a full season, whereas Chopped competitors only compete in single episode one-offs.

Another Reddit user pointed out the prize has been $10,000 for approximately 12 years now — the cost of living has increased since then, so it's time the prize money goes up as well. The "Chopped" series began in 2007, so it does stand to reason that "Chopped" contestants could be making a little more moolah to make their efforts and win even sweeter. However, only time will tell if the Food Network team will cough it up.