Costco Fans Can't Get Enough Of This Cauliflower Rice Stir-Fry

Looking to cut carbs, but keep all the flavor? @CostcoBuys spotted bags of Tattooed Chef organic riced cauliflower stir fry at Costco. According to the Instagram post, the four, 12 oz. bags are on sale for just $4.99 through June 13. Whether served as a side dish, a base for a stir fry, or even eaten on its own, this deal is worth buying two bags. Since the cauliflower rice stir-fry contains peas, corn, and red peppers, each bite is bursting with colors and flavors. Plus, the sesame ginger sauce adds just the right amount of sweet and heat. One comment shares that it is "60 calories for 1 cup of this rice," and it could help to keep that balanced eating on track.

Based on the Instagram comments, most people are excited for this Tattooed Chef find at Costco. From "This tastes amazing, has clean ingredients and definitely can't beat that price" to "Best cauliflower rice. The flavor is just right!", the majority of reviews are quite positive. In addition, some people commented on how to use this cauliflower rice with other foods. From suggested sautéed shrimp to chicken, there were many options. Maybe that Costco rotisserie chicken and this item could be another easy dinner choice.

Although this offering might not be as permanent as a tattoo, many people will want to get a taste of the food buzz.

What is Tattooed Chef?

As plant-based food seems to have a spot on more and more grocery shelves, the numerous brands can become overwhelming. Tattooed Chef might have caught people's attention with the name or the buzzing sound in its commercials, but the taste brings people back to buy time and again. With the play on words "foods for people who give a crop," the brand uses its own farms as the source for many of its products.

In some ways, it is farm-to-table on a different level. The company is driven by a simple concept, convenient, flavorful plant-based food that people want to eat. When food tastes good and is easy to prepare, more people are willing to make that swap.

From various bowls to pizzas to even burgers, the numerous products under the brand's umbrella is impressive. The company offers gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan products. With products offered at Target, Walmart, and Costco, the availability and price has made Tattooed Chef a popular choice for any type of food lifestyle. Even if the name captured a customer's attention, the taste may bring them back as a permanent fan.