This Unexpected Vegetable Pairs Perfectly With Cheetos

It turns out that Cheetos are more than just a guilty pleasure. The cheesy bite can not only be a garnish, but a sophisticated one at that. Cheetos are surprisingly versatile, as they can take on a few different forms. They can be the star of snack time and enjoyed as is, tossed with other salty goodies, a surprising addition to a plate of nachos, or if paired with the right vegetable, a crunchy garnish, says Saveur.

If you're trying to sneak broccoli into your kid's (or your own) diet, Chef Craig Koketsu has a secret for you, and it involves the cheesy, crunchy beloved Cheeto. Koketsu has a solid reputation as a culinary artist, having worked alongside various prestigious chefs before becoming executive chef and partner of Quality Branded, a collection of extravagant restaurants in New York and Denver which includes NYC's seasonal restaurant and now catering company Park Ave NYC. Don't let the impressive CV fool you. Koketsu loves junk food just as much as the rest of us. His secret to adding some nutrients to his late night snack? Broccoli.

Cheetos aren't just for late night binging

The question is often puffs or crunchy, rather than how much broccoli, when it comes to Cheetos, but with this dish you may forget you're even eating a vegetable. When doused in cream sauce and topped with crushed Cheetos, broccoli takes on a whole new identity. Chef Koketsu opts for Gouda and Parmesan cheese to create a gooey sauce with some garlic, shallots, and cream, Saveur says. After sautéing steamed broccoli for a little over five minutes, Koketsu tosses the vegetable with the cheese sauce and tops the dish with a good amount of crushed Cheetos. You may not see this unexpected dish at a fine dining restaurant, but it sure tastes like it belongs on a five star menu.

One of the greatest parts about cooking with Cheetos is the variety. Adding Cheetos to your dish guarantees a crispy and cheesy element, but with the slew of new flavors PepsiCo has added to the Cheetos brand roster over the years there is a wide variety of different flavors that can enhance your meal. Between Flamin' Hot Limón and Crunchy Cheddar Jalapeño, you can leave the hot sauce in the fridge and spice up your dish with some Cheetos crunch.