Broccoli Recipes The Whole Family Will Eat Up

Broccoli may well be one of the most contentious veggies out there when it comes to family cooking. Kids usually hate it, parents tend to love it. It's full of nutritional value, but how on earth do you cook it so it's not mushy? And sure, it's a great way to add some green to your plate, but what about that funky broccoli smell?

Whatever your hang ups are, here are the facts. Broccoli contains high amounts of several nutrients, like potassium, fiber, calcium, vitamin C, and vitamin K. It also packs a little more of a protein punch than most veggies (via Healthline). So it's really good for you, and there are pretty much countless ways to eat it. 

Here at Mashed, we're forever Team Broccoli, and we've got all kinds of cooking ideas to make this versatile vegetable the star of your meal plan. From soups to stir-fry to a simple, perfectly roasted side dish, check out these broccoli recipes the whole family will eat up.

Crispy roasted parmesan broccoli

If you're planning to make some broccoli with tonight's dinner merely as a way to meet your daily veggie quota, might we suggest a super easy recipe to take it up a notch. Try making this crispy roasted parmesan broccoli. There are no special cooking hacks involved here. The veggies simply get sprinkled with lemon, garlic, freshly grated parmesan, olive oil, and breadcrumbs before crisping up in the oven, creating an explosion of texture and flavor.

Beef and broccoli stir-fry

You never need to settle for boring broccoli again when you can whip up the ultimate Chinese takeout staple in just 15 minutes flat. We're talking about this easy recipe for beef and broccoli stir-fry. Besides fresh broccoli florets, and some good quality flank steak, most of the ingredients for this dish are more than likely already hiding out in your pantry. And bringing it all together only involves one pan and three simple steps.

Copycat Panera Bread broccoli cheddar soup

When you're in the mood for some belly-warming, cheesy comfort food, you can't beat a big, hearty bowl of broccoli cheddar soup. And we all know the holy grail of broccoli cheddar soups comes from Panera Bread. We've mastered the magic recipe and present you with our own copycat version that you're gonna want to eat for lunch every day. The most surprising thing of all might be that there are no surprising ingredients in this recipe. It's pretty fresh and straightforward, and you can't ask for much more than that when feeding your family.

Broccoli casserole

When in doubt, dump broccoli in a casserole. This conventional wisdom has been passed down from grandmothers everywhere who popularized and depended on this mid-century American cooking phenomenon. And honestly, it just works sometimes. This recipe for broccoli casserole that everyone will love is no exception. You just need a few simple ingredients, including the classic casserole contents of cream of mushroom soup and a Ritz cracker topping. The result will be a hot, bubbling dish full of comfort food, with some green veggies hidden inside.

20-minute beef and broccoli lo mein

You may never need to order takeout again after mastering this recipe for 20-minute beef and broccoli lo mein. Broccoli, carrots, and sirloin steak get dressed up in a brown sugar soy sauce and tossed with whatever noodles you have on hand. There's not a whole lot of that goes into the dish, but simple, elevated techniques will make this lo mein feel like it came right out of a restaurant kitchen. For example, one of the first steps of this recipe is to sear the steak, creating a crispy, brown crust on the outside of the meat that also adds a ton of flavor to the overall dish.

Broccoli salad

Get excited about munching on broccoli and salads by putting the two together to create something much greater than the sum of its parts. Our recipe for broccoli salad is colorful and fresh, and it won't let you down. It's loaded up with cranberries, apples, carrots, and red onion, plus peanuts for an added salty crunch. The dressing is a simple mix of mayo, apple cider vinegar, and honey. And honestly, it just works. It's the perfect balance of sweet, salty, and creamy, with a tangy kick from the vinegar. We promise, this broccoli salad is a standout side dish.

Perfect, simple roasted broccoli

If you already know how much you love broccoli, and just aren't sure how to make it shine in your own kitchen, then look no further than this recipe for simple, perfectly roasted broccoli. There is nothing fancy about this, and yet, if done right, it results in such bright, flavorful, tender-yet-crispy broccoli. The florets are tossed together ("massaged," really) in olive oil, salt, pepper, and some lemon juice before going in the oven, and then get flipped once during the roasting process. And that's pretty much all there is to it. So much goodness for so little effort.

Easy broccoli cheddar soup

Soup is such a great way to utilize broccoli, stalks and all. And broccoli and cheddar go together like the best of 'em ... peanut butter and jelly, bacon and eggs, spaghetti and meatballs ... you get the idea. While you can't go wrong going Panera Bread style for any broccoli cheddar soup craving, we've got another version for you that may just blow the lid off all the other recipes out there. Our recipe for easy broccoli cheddar soup includes a few spices in the mix for a deeper flavor in every bite. Not to mention a roasted broccoli garnish for that little extra something that takes this recipe to another level.

Broccoli and Pecorino mini-frittatas

While the thought of broccoli for breakfast may not have you jumping out of bed in the morning, these easy and delicious mini-frittatas just might. Made in a mini muffin tin, these small egg treats are filled with Pecorino cheese and broccoli for a convenient, tasty, and protein-packed breakfast on-the-go. And the best part is that you can have two dozen mini-frittatas made in about half an hour, and feed your family for the whole week.