People Are Loving John Oliver's Hilarious Challenge To Cheerios

Due to Memorial Day, "Last Week Tonight" did not air an episode. However, they did upload a segment to YouTube in which John Oliver lamented the lack of creativity in the cereal industry. We remember Oops! All Berries, but that was released over a decade ago. In all this, the Cheerios Twitter account received special mention of a social media presence that makes no pretensions to effort, merely recycling through the various trends of Twitter positivity that due to social media logic, receives no attention. So, John Oliver issued them the challenge to throw an F-bomb at someone. If they did so, the show would donate $25,000 to the charity of their choice. The show would double that donation if Cheerios targeted a particular, non-famous individual.

On Facebook, fans lapped this up. Many declared that they would not sue the company for verbal abuse. A small minority begged Cheerios not to do this, but hold the moral high ground instead. However, all this noise was in the comments for the "Last Week Tonight's" page, meaning that the cereal brand probably paid this no mind.

Cheerios responds to the challenge

As a self-respecting cereal, Cheerios could not let the call go unheeded. But as a family, they could not afford to go around delivering swears without thought.

So, as they explained on Twitter, they decided to donate $50,000 to No Kid Hungry, a charity with the aim of ending starvation among children in the United States. They then upped the ante by telling "Last Week Tonight" that if the show were to tweet on their Twitter page, "Families make the world go round," they would donate another $50,000 to a charity of the show's choice.

"Last Week Tonight" took Cheerios up on their offer, but like Cheerios, they followed through in a very on-brand manner. First, they tweeted the message above a picture of the Manson family. Then, they threaded a picture of the Menedez Brothers and one of a plaque for a wing bearing the name of the Sackler family. "We apologize," they wrote. "We've been informed that one of the photos we used may have involved murderers. We're looking into this and will get back to you."

Then, deciding to fulfil their promise made in the cereal segment, they tweeted an F-bomb at AlexPon21, who appears to have loved it.