Don't Make This Mistake With Aldi's Cauliflower Pizza

One of the many reasons customers love Aldi is because they offer a great selection of gluten-free foods. One of their most popular gluten-free items is their Mama Cozzi's cauliflower pizzas, which are made with cauliflower crust and come in several flavors, including three cheese, veggie, and pepperoni, per Aldi. However, some shoppers might not be aware that pizza made with cauliflower rather than regular dough requires a slightly different method of cooking. 

While you might be used to throwing a regular pizza pie into the oven without a pan, pizza made with cauliflower crust unfortunately does not have that same capability, and should never be put straight into the oven on its own. However, some Mama Cozzi boxes incorrectly say they can be baked without a pan, which is very misleading. Cooking the cauliflower pie this way is likely to lead to a big mess, as one unlucky Reddit user found out the hard way.

Aldi's cauliflower crust pizzas need to be baked in a pan

U/maisainom unfortunately discovered their error after trying to heat up their cauliflower pizza sans pan, only to have it fall through the grate and make a big mess on the bottom of their oven. They specifically created a post warning others not to make the same mistake they had, writing: "The box specifically says not to use a pan, so I figured it would be fine...clearly it wasn't."

Other Reddit users were quick to chime in offering their sympathies. "Mess + no dinner = so sad," u/AllenUnderdunk replied, while u/DollyThroaway99 suggested: "Seriously, ignore all the box direction, always use a pan." 

"Betting they just used standard copy from the normal pizza boxes. No way you'd ever cook a cauliflower crust pie like this out of the freezer. No flour means no gluten development so it turns to mush before it can crisp up," u/SpearandMagicHelmet speculated. So, if you happen to purchase a Mama Cozzi's cauliflower pizza the next time you are at your local Aldi, be aware that you cannot always trust everything you read. You will definitely want to use a pan to heat it up in the oven, no matter what the box might say.