Here's Why You're Seeing All White Packets Of Skittles

With Pride Month now in full swing, businesses have embraced the spirit of the celebration and have started rebranding their top products in rainbow colors. Skittles also took the initiative and rolled out their classic candy with a new look that aims to bring greater awareness to LGBTQ+ issues. According to Taste of Home, the rainbow candy stripped away all their color as "only one rainbow matters." In addition to losing their color, Skittles has vowed to donate $1 from every unit sold to go towards the LGBTQ+ charity GLAAD. The brand plans to donate up to $100,000 and should hopefully do some good.

The signature colorless Skittles still maintain their signature flavors, but thanks to their gray-white colors, candy fans won't know what flavor they picked until they taste it. Expect to find these limited-edition candies at Target, Walmart, Kroger, Albertsons, and more as of today. The candies retail at $1.99 for 4 ounce individual packets and $3.99 for 15.06 ounce shareable bags. If that can't get you excited to dig into some Skittles, you have to check out how the candy brand plans to market these treats.

Take a break from tasting the rainbow

In addition to rolling out white Skittles, the candy company plans to raise greater awareness of LGBTQ+ issues during the promotion. Skittles' Instagram now has a QR code available that sends anyone interested to a separate site that helps share stories and promote identities. With any luck, the brand can do a bit of good and raise awareness of important issues during this year's Pride Month.

If you love to support LGBTQ+ pride or just want to indulge in a bit of mystery in your candy, make sure to pick up a packet or three of this limited-run candy while you can. The company hasn't announced an official end date to the new Skittles yet, but they probably won't last past the end of June. If these sweets seem enticing, make sure to stock up now while you can. With any luck, these treats might just end up finding a special place in your heart and help inspire the brand to bring them back again next year.