The Truth About Christina Fitzgerald From BBQ Brawl Season 2

The popular show, "BBQ Brawl" is back with a brand new season, much to the delight of its fans. This season looks like an interesting watch. It features a talented bunch of contestants who are determined to prove their skills in what promises to be a heated competition. One of the participants in this edition is chef Christina Fitzgerald from St. Louis, Missouri.

As per Royal Oak, Fitzgerald is a fierce cook. She was drawn to the kitchen from the time she was a child and was raised in a large family, something that helped her get better at competing. She was such a fan of the culinary arts that she would give up cartoons to watch her icons like Paula Deen and Ina Garten create magic onscreen. She went on to receive formal culinary training and was one of the brightest students in her batch, participating in culinary competitions and standing out for her talent and determination.

Christina Fitzgerald has graced Food Network before

As per Royal Oak, Christina Fitzgerald was motivated to explore the world of barbecue after she met another chef, Michael Johnson. They worked together to open an eatery, Hi-Pointe Drive-In in Missouri. It's best known for its selection of delectable meat burgers but also offers sandwiches, salads, and side dishes to its customers, according to its menu. Fitzgerald is a huge fan of anything that's related to barbecue, by the way. She has participated in hundreds of barbecue events across the U.S. and even visited Argentina once to hold a culinary class on behalf of the American embassy. 

The chef is no stranger to television either. She was previously seen on Season 11 of "Food Network Star." The chef told Food Network that she values authenticity. She said, "I love authentic flavors. I love fusion sometimes. But I really just kind of go with whatever type of mood I'm in." Interestingly, after she finished working on the show, it was then that Fitzgerald met Johnson and was drawn to barbecue (via World Food Championships.) She's competed in scores of barbecue contests around the globe already and is most definitely ready for a tough challenge on "BBQ Brawl."