The Real Reason Chick-Fil-A Keeps Sending You Emails

Have you ever visited a Chick-fil-A on a road trip, or simply treated yourself to a meal at a Chick-fil-A that's a bit of a trek from your house, only to then be bombarded by emails from the restaurant? Well, you are not alone. Many people have found themselves receiving promotional emails from a Chick-fil-A location they have only visited once, and have become frustrated at their inability to simply change their settings in order to remove themselves from the mailing list.

One Reddit user was so baffled by the incessant emails that they posted about it on the social media platform. "Does anyone know why restaurants send me chick fil a one emails after I visit a location, 1 or 2 times? Do they think I'm a local person because I came once?" u/jameskishtok asked.

This certainly isn't a one-off problem. Other customers were quick to reply, sharing their similar experiences. "In 2018 I went to one in Florida while heading to Universal Studios. I loved everything about that trip except for the insane number of emails from this one CFA. I still get them today. Got one this morning," u/u2sarajevo wrote.

So, what's going on here?

Scanning your rewards apps automatically adds you to Chick-fil-A's mailing list

Luckily, one knowledgeable Chick-fil-A manager on Reddit was able to provide an answer as to why customers remain on some location's mailing lists after just one visit. "Scanning your app in-store adds you automatically to a platform that we can use to reach out and offer rewards for a number of reasons ... Some restaurants are much more selective about who they send rewards to ... but other restaurants routinely send rewards to their entire membership base. But the great news is that no matter what restaurant sends you rewards, you can redeem them anywhere (except locations that don't take the app, such as many university locations due to franchising restrictions)," u/a_casa_nueva replied.

For those who still want to be removed from the list completely, the process is a little more difficult. "The best advice I saw, since these mailing lists aren't centrally managed, is to contact the individual restaurant, ask for the person who manages that mailing list and ask to be removed," another user suggested.

So if you have also been receiving emails from Chick-fil-A locations that you have only visited once on a long-ago trip, you have two options: You might have to reach out directly to the specific location to try and get removed — or you can simply stay on the list and redeem those rewards at your closest Chick-fil-A.