This Is The Most Popular Coffee Drink In The US

When it comes to your morning cup of coffee, everyone has their preference. Whether you like to order a specific drink from the nearest coffee house or you take your coffee black from whatever coffee-making apparatus you like most and have at home, coffee is highly personal. While we often see coffee chains like Starbucks and Dunkin' rolling out new flavors, creamers, or other enticing offers in their stores, it turns out that the most popular coffee drink in the United States is far from black coffee.

According data from Square and the Specialty Coffee Association published in Eat This, Not That!, the latte is actually the coffee drink of choice across the country. During the course of one year, between June of 2017 and June of 2018, more than 67 million lattes were consumed in America, making it the nation's espresso drink of choice. Even though you've likely tried a latte at some point, you might wonder what exactly it is that sets it apart and has made it so popular.

Lattes are made with this milk-and-coffee combination

Some coffee drinks like cappuccinos and lattes are actually quite similar, so it can be helpful to understand exactly what a latte consists of — especially since it is so popular. Lattes typically start out with one or two shots of espresso before twice as much steamed milk is layered on top of the espresso. Finally, a latte is finished off with a layer of foam.

Of course, there are tons of different flavors of lattes, too. From typical flavors like vanilla, chocolate, or hazelnut to more creative takes like lavender, cinnamon or even CBD-infused, lattes can be with infused milk to add all kinds of flavor to the drink. While many chains use sugary syrups to add flavor and sweeten the espresso drink, you can easily infuse milk at home to add flavor to your coffee while still controlling just how much sugar is in your morning cuppa.