Do This If You Have A Problem With Aldi Products, According To A Store Manager

Aldi fans recently had a rare opportunity on Reddit to pick the brain of a store manager with more than five years of experience. The manager appeared on the Aldi subreddit to conduct an ever-popular Reddit "AMA," or "Ask Me Anything." Redditors took the person up on it, asking about everything from the most awkward customer moments to "WHERE TF DID THE SRIRACHA SAUCE GO?"

The Redditor going through what appeared to be intense sriracha withdrawals could not be helped, and the most awkward customer moment came when someone intentionally threw an egg on the ground, slipped on it, and then complained it was the store's fault. "Like cameras aren't everywhere," the manager quipped.

In addition to funny stories, the manager also had a chance to dispense some useful advice. For example, what can you do if you simply don't like a particular store brand? Your friendly "Ask Me Anything" Aldi manager had the answer.

An Aldi manager says to speak up if you don't like a product

One Aldi fan asked the store manager who was taking questions on Reddit whether anything could be done about the new recipe for Aldi's tikka masala. Not putting too fine a point on it, Redditor broccoliandbeans said, "It used to be good now it sucks." Maybe broccoliandbeans thought a lone Redditor named after a legume and a cruciferous vegetable had no chance of changing this. They wrote, "Do you think they will change it back? Would writing a letter help? Lol." Don't laugh out loud, broccoliandbeans. The Aldi manager was sympathetic and suggested the unhappy customer's voice could be heard.

"Sometimes they make changes that to me are questionable," the manager said. "Good thing is they are big on customer input. Use the contact info on the page. Speak up, speak often!" When it came to something more store-specific, such as frozen produce, the manager would have you speak to someone in the store about it. "If they put the produce too far in the back of the truck, items can get frozen," the manager said on Reddit. "If you do see it, let us know. It should get reported so drivers and warehouse are aware and can correct it."