Why The Maine Episode Was So Funny To The Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted Crew

Although the third season of Gordon Ramsay's "Uncharted" aired on Memorial Day, we apparently have to wait slightly longer to see the scene the series' director and producer Jon Kroll especially liked.

Talking to TV Insider, he explained that the challenge that excited him most was the lobster fishing in Maine, not the more obvious mountain rappelling sections or rattlesnake chases that naturally lend themselves to good television.

"Getting him on a lobster boat in Maine is such a quintessential American activity for that part of the world and we found a lobster boat captain who would really put him through the paces," he remembered. "That's something that I like just because everyone knows him yelling at other people on his other shows, but to see those lobster boat fisherwomen boss him around was, I think, good fun for the crew and will be for viewers as well." 

Such a wait for Ramsay to receive a good bossing will not be long however. The episode, as WJBQ, the radio station local to Portland, Maine reports that the episode will air on National Geographic at 9 p.m. on Sunday, June 13.

Such bossing is the spirit of the show

While it may be amusing to see to the extent to which Gordon Ramsay returns to a lower part of the pecking order, the spirit of the show "Uncharted," as stated by him, was conceived for him to occupy the role of a student.

"I suppose the more successful I've become, the more I want to strip back," he said to National Geographic as they attempted to sketch enticing outlines of the third season. "I still need to feel that vulnerability and touch base with that insecurity of what I don't know." So, in theory, having a captain throw him through the paces on a lobster boat is exactly what he asked for.

And, as the show is airing, it can't have gone too terribly. Otherwise, there would almost certainly be a bigger sense of drama with its upcoming airing. Less speculatively, we have Gordon Ramsay's reaction to Maine in a separate piece from National Geographic: "Scouring these amazing waters, catching some of the best seafood anywhere in the world, and learning some new skills along the way. I've been truly blessed to understand why Maine is one of the best seafood destinations anywhere on the planet."

The potentially most entertaining section of the show, then, may also be the section of the show that best achieves the purpose of Ramsay's globetrotting work — besides to film footage. Even though we may chuckle at him being barked at, he still learns properly.