Popeyes Fans Wish This Popular Side Would Return

Popeyes is quite a crowd favorite as a fast-food brand. The brand is particularly popular for its fried chicken offerings. Some of the other delicious options at the restaurant include the chicken po-boy, ghost pepper wings, cinnamon apple pie, chicken waffle tenders, biscuits, bonafide chicken, french fries, spicy tenders, and more. 

Of course, there are also some rare items that have left an impression on diners. A fine example of this is cajun rice from Popeyes. According to Eat This, Not That!, some loyalists swore by this dish when it was around and were sorely disappointed when the brand decided to take cajun rice off all its menus earlier this year. If you dig a little further online, you'll realize that the dish is incredibly popular among its fans who still talk about it with longing.

Obviously, they're enthusiastically rooting for a comeback and want to dig into cajun rice really soon.

Many are rooting for cajun rice

As per The Takeout, Popeyes didn't make a big deal when it stopped including cajun rice and beans as side options in its restaurants. As per the brand, the decision wasn't sudden and was made after reviewing feedback from customers. A Redditor posted a thread and called for the return of cajun rice and even created a petition for the cause.

An irate customer expressed their sadness and wrote that they were partial to the menu item. They said, "Well now I have no reason to go to Popeyes. It was the link that completed the chain for me. Mashed Potatoes and mac? Nah not enough... Even the coleslaw.... Sorry Popeyes." Another fan expressed their annoyance and wrote, "I'm so mad!! I've been eating Popeye's since the 80's and have always gotten the Cajun Rice ever since I can remember, no other side exists for me there."

Well, it's been a few months since cajun rice made its exit from Popeyes, but the fans haven't forgotten about their loss. Someone tweeted yesterday that the brand took a piece of their heart away when they got rid of the menu item. Another customer mentioned that they've not had the heart to return to Popeyes after cajun rice was discontinued. Sigh.