Here's What Chris Bosh Really Eats In A Day

Former basketball player and NBA Hall of Famer, Chris Bosh, knows what a huge impact food and nutrition can have on your body. After all, he had to fuel himself on the court, year after year, making sure he was bringing his A-game to, well, every game. Though he's hung up his jersey now, back when he was in the NBA, he was all about clean eating during the season (via Delish). His diet contained the type of fresh, nutrient-packed items that you might expect to be on a professional athlete's plate. 

One of his go-to breakfast choices was oatmeal, with a few mix-ins such as honey, nuts, or fruit. He would incorporate lean proteins, particularly fish such as sea bass or salmon, into his lunches, and almost always have a veggie-packed salad on the side. His dinner during the season was a similar mixture of protein, plenty of vegetables, and some carbs to fuel those miles and miles on the court. He wasn't afraid of enjoying a good steak for dinner, with sides like potatoes and more vegetables.

Bosh is also known as the guy who managed to convince fellow basketball player, Dwyane Wade, to start actually eating salads (via Yahoo! Sports). So, it makes sense that he'd have tips for incorporating more vegetables into your daily diet, regardless of whether you're a pro athlete or a regular Joe. He advocates for simply having prepared vegetables in containers, so they're easily accessible and available (via Men's Health).

His indulgences and off-season meal plan

During the basketball season and when he had important games to consider, Bosh kept his diet fairly light and clean, packing his plate with nutrients and steering clear of anything heavy or overly rich, which could impact his playing (via Delish). However, in the off-season, he isn't afraid to get a bit more adventurous with what he's enjoying on a daily basis. In fact, fans may remember that on his own website he even included blog posts on subjects such as beer pairings and tips on grilling, showing off his foodie interests (via Fox Sports). Particularly when he is travelling with wife Adrienne Bosh and their children, he's all about eating how the locals do and trying new things, such as a decadent pasta dish on the coast of Italy.

As his brew-centric blog posts may have hinted, Bosh has confessed that one of his favorite indulgences is great craft beer, and that he loves to try out new beverages from local breweries. He's also identified himself as an eager and enthusiastic taste tester in his own home. Whenever his children get the urge to try something out in the kitchen, whipping up a tasty baked good of some sort, he always makes sure to get himself a plate. Talk about a proud dad!