Aldi Fans Are Loving Its Greek Cream Cheese Spreads

Bored of your bagel? Take a cue from Aldi shoppers and mix up your standard strawberry or scallion schmear with a Greek-style cream cheese by Happy Farms. The 3X Protein Greek Cream Cheese Spread has more protein, less fat, fewer calories, and a touch more tanginess than regular cream cheese, according to the label, and is available in three flavors at Aldi for $1.99 per tub, reports Aldi fan Instagram account @theamazingaldi.

Fellow Aldi shoppers chimed in on Instagram with ways to use the original, mixed berry, and whipped version of the spread. Kids are fans of the mixed berry variety on toast and bagels, says @aldiforpresident, while the original and whipped versions are a blank slate for creative home cooks. Make quick buffalo chicken lettuce wraps like @flabbyfitmom, or try it in bacon-wrapped jalapeños à la @aldiamiga. The Greek-style spread is an Aldi Find, says @aldiforpresident, so while it isn't available year-round, it does appear on shelves on a rotating basis.

The name of Aldi's Greek cream cheese is a touch misleading

Some shoppers have felt misled by the "3X Protein" description on Aldi's Greek cream cheese, which makes it sound like it contains triple the amount of protein of standard cream cheese. One Instagram user asked, "Normal cream cheese has 2 grams. How's that 3X?" Another follower also seemed to not be impressed, writing, "I love Aldi but only 3 grams of protein in these is disappointing." 

Still, some customers who follow a keto diet or track their macros have found ways to incorporate the Greek cream cheese into high-protein meals. Instagram account @aldiwithmacros said she used to have a hard time finding Greek-style cream cheese for her favorite recipes, and Aldi's version has given her an "excellent" spread to add to soups, enchiladas, and more. Another user spreads the stuff on low-carb bagels for a breakfast that packs 17 grams of protein. And if counting carbs isn't your thing, just grab the spread for its touch of tanginess.