Aldi's Affordable Candy Bags Are Turning Heads

It's never too early to start shopping for Halloween candy, and it is never too socially unacceptable to keep all of that candy for yourself — especially when said candy is being sold at a price that's too good to pass up. The latest treasure shared in r/aldi, where Aldi lovers convene on Reddit, is an assortment of the grocer's miniature chocolate candy bars for 99 cents a bag. As Reddit user Candy_And_Depression puts it, "This is... not good for me to know."

The $1 candy bags are available in cookie and caramel, nougat and caramel, and peanut and caramel flavors, according to the post, and are "basically Twix, Milky Way, and Snickers knockoffs," said one user. Redditors say they can be found in the Aldi Finds section of the grocery store, which means they won't be around forever. Reviews are mixed: Some say they're "overly sweet and bland," while others insist that the cookie and caramel bars taste better than Twix. "For a buck a piece, I will definitely take my chances," wisely wrote the original poster.

$1 bags of candy are mighty cheap

Whether or not you agree with u/lisasimpsonfan that Aldi's caramel is superior to the sweet sludge inside of a Twix bar, the low-cost store's fun-size candy bags are objectively inexpensive. The roughly 10-ounce bag of cookie and caramel candy, for example, is a quarter of the price of the same size package of Twix at Target, which sells the stuff for $4.29. Walmart's 10-ounce bag of mini Snickers is slightly cheaper at $3.88, but you can still snag all three of Aldi's candy dupes for less.

Even if you follow CNBC's money-saving advice to shop for candy close to Halloween when products are on sale, choose bulk-size assortments, and go to affordable retailers like Target, Aldi's baby bars reign supreme on price. Run, don't walk, to the Aldi Finds section of your nearest location, then make like u/lisasimpsonfan and add them to your emergency chocolate stash. And if you accidentally eat them all before Halloween, well, you're only $3 poorer.