The Personal Line Rachael Ray Crossed During The Pandemic

The pandemic has been an eye-opener for chef and TV personality Rachael Ray in more ways than one. She told Associated Press that she chalked out several plans for quarantine, but didn't realize how unusual the entire experience would be. She said, "I was going to get more serious about my painting. I had all these lofty goals ... and none of that's happening."

The chef ended up focusing on filming relatable content for her fans from home with her husband acting as the cameraman, producer, and more. Ray remarked, "We have never worked this hard in our entire lives." The chef kept it real too by staying casual in front of the camera and not sporting makeup. Her content was heavily focused on creating dishes that were easy to prepare at home with accessible ingredients like chickpeas. She also mentioned that she's just like everyone else and makes mistakes at times, such as forgetting where she kept the garlic.

She made a huge adjustment

As per CheatSheet, when the coronavirus pandemic made it impossible to continue filming content for her audiences, Rachael Ray was left with a dilemma. Should she safeguard her privacy or work on her show from home? 

Well, she chose the latter despite knowing that it would be difficult to go ahead with it and that she would be combining certain aspects of her personal and professional life. She said, "My space here was where I would write or paint or read or, you know, just relax and just bring people in my world, my very close friends and my family. So the idea that I would now have to open that part of my life to everyone was a really big one for me."

Things were so overwhelming for Ray that she even teared up several times during the process. However, she didn't give up and stayed committed to her plans. As per Associated Press, Ray also made the decision to donate as much as $4 million to charities, explaining that she wished to "help people more than just, 'hey, here's three things you can do with canned tuna.'"