Food Buffs Need To Know About This Informative Podcast

There's literally a podcast for every topic under the sun nowadays, and audio fans can easily compile their perfect lineup of programming based on their unique interests. For food buffs that simply can't get enough of culinary podcasts, there's one that needs to be in your listening queue — The Sporkful with Dan Pashman.

The podcast has been around since 2010, and is released on a weekly basis. Rather than sharing cooking tips or recipe inspiration, this particular series delves deep into the food world, exploring everything from science to economics. And, it seems to have garnered a devoted audience, based on the fact that they even sell swag such as T-Shirts and mugs decorated with various phrases popularized on the show ("it's not for foodies, it's for eaters") as well as the podcast logo (via Podswag). 

Critics appear to absolutely love the podcast as well. On the home page of its website, the podcast boasts that it has snagged wins in the Best Food Podcast category in the Webby Awards, Saveur Awards, and the James Beard Awards. Pretty impressive! It's quite the trajectory for a food-loving host that started the show after being laid off from role after role in the radio world.

Host Dan Pashman even created his own new pasta shape

If you're still wondering if you want to invest your hard-earned time in The Sporkful, or bump one of the current podcasts in your rotation in favor of it, the content proves there's plenty of good reasons to get engaged with it.

One large series that gets its own tab on The Sporkful website is the Mission: ImPASTAble quest, in which the host, Dan Pashman, invented a new type of pasta called cascatelli. In episodes, Pashman covers everything from the process of deciding the shape of the carb-packed beauty to figuring out how to get it on the market. The podcast has also managed to earn its fair share of celebrity guests, with recent appearances from "Top Chef" judge Tom Colicchio as well as foodie Ayesha Curry.

There are also plenty of episodes that focus on particular topics, taking a historical or scientific approach. In an episode entitled "Who Was James Beard?" Pashman dives deep into the food icon whose name was given to one of the most prestigious awards in the industry. In another, the host digs into the hidden history of regional burgers, and for yet another, he looks at the world of seltzer and explains the science of carbonation. There truly is something for everyone in The Sporkful. Fans who just can't get enough of listening solo can also enjoy the full Sporkful experience at one of their live shows, although they currently don't have any scheduled.