Here's How Often The Largest Pizza In The U.S. Is Really Ordered

Nothing can beat that first bite of pizza. Well, except maybe the second, third, fifteenth, umpteenth bite! Americans love pizza, and it's impossible to resist the stringy cheese and crunchy crust as they hit your tongue and reach the most satisfying corners of craving. Sometimes we get lost in the steamy comfort and saucy deliciousness of a pizza. What if the pizza was so large you could eat to your heart's content?

You can at Moontower Pizza Bar. The Burleson, Texas, pizza restaurant is home to "The Bus," an 8-foot-long and 32-inch-wide pizza that received the Guinness World Record for largest commercially available pizza in 2018. On the Moontower website, they refer to the ginormous pizza as "3072 square inches of yum." While that might feel overwhelming, the experience sounds ideal for hardcore pizza lovers who order The Bus. But how often are people eating this huge slice of heaven?

Giant pizza delivery

In an interview with Eat This, Not That!, Amber Rouse shared all about The Bus, who's ordering it, and when. As the co-owner of Moontower Pizza Bar, she described exactly how much work goes into making, serving, and delivering the record-breaking pizza. She revealed that the larger-than-life dish is ordered every single weekend.

Despite the frequency, making The Bus is an event every week at Moontower Pizza Bar. The process takes 22.5 pounds of dough, 5 pounds of sauce, and 10 pounds of cheese. The pan and oven were specially made to be large enough to cook the cheesy colossus. While The Bus comes with one topping of your choosing, extra toppings can be added to fully achieve your gooey pizza dreams. The price of The Bus is $299.95 plus $25 dollars per extra topping.

A pizza that serves 75 people, The Bus is too large for traditional delivery methods. Rouse and the team at Moontower Pizza Bar wouldn't let that stop them. They use a large trailer to deliver the giant pizza to their customers outside Fort Worth, Texas.

Feeling hungry yet? While a road trip to Burleson is definitely in order, for now, you check out the best pizza in your state and order in while you fantasize about the largest pizza in the U.S.