Starbucks' CEO Just Pushed Back On These False Shortage Rumors

Do you have a serious coffee habit? We've got to admit that we do, too — especially during the summer, when the craving for a refreshing iced java hits. In those moments, we're liable to step into a cool, air-conditioned coffee chain, like Starbucks, to grab a tall, frosty coffee, an iced tea, or other cold beverage.

But one problem we've faced this summer is that coffee giant Starbucks, well, is running out of some of the stuff we like. Earlier this month, the chain announced supply-chain issues that led to localized shortages of coffee flavorings including hazelnut and toffee nut syrup, as well as chai tea bags and iced green tea, as Business Insider reported. 

Starbucks customers at certain locations, then, were already having trouble fulfilling their cravings for iced and hot drinks. And now, to add insult to injury, Starbucks has announced another devastating shortage: that of baked goods. According to CNBC, the chain's bakery cases are looking a little sad these days. However, CEO Kevin Johnson is trying to dispel other shortage rumors.

Starbucks may be short on muffins, but not coffee

According to Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson, certain Starbucks locations are now running short on baked goods and pastries in addition to suffering low stock of certain flavored syrups and teas. "We've had some shortages in the bakery case, that certainly is true," Johnson told CNBC recently during a "Mad Money" interview.

Another menu item experiencing pressure? Breakfast sandwiches. As Johnson said, "If there's one area we've been focused on it's our supply partners who assemble breakfast sandwiches."

So if you're looking to eat breakfast, it might be best to avoid your local Starbucks until these supply chain issues get resolved. But if you just need a caffeine jolt, you should be good to go. According to Johnson, rumors that the chain is running low on coffee and cups, the bread and butter of the Starbucks menu, are unfounded. There is "no shortage of cups, no shortage of coffee," he said. 

Our suggestion? Bake up a batch of delicious blueberry muffins and eat one at home before heading out to get your cup of joe. Problem solved!