Fans Of Panera's Mac And Cheese Won't Want To Miss This Costco Deal

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If you don't love Panera's melt-in-your-mouth, drool-worthy mac and cheese then sorry, you can't sit with us. Just joking! But you better tell your friends who do because Costco's Panera mac and cheese multi-packs are on sale right now. We first heard the good news from Instagram account @costcobuys, who posted about the markdown over the weekend. According to their caption, Costco's four-pack of mac and cheese is officially $3 off from now until July 25th. Per the images photographed by Costco Buys, the four-pack retails at $5.85 and each container within the pack is supposed to equal 10 ounces or one serving. This means you're paying less than $1.50 per meal. Someone pinch us, are we dreaming?

The wholesale supermarket giant is known for handing out deals 365 days out of the year — whether it be food, household products, or cookware/kitchen items – but this isn't a deal we saw coming. If you ever wanted to try Panera's mac and cheese, or it's hard to find because there isn't a location near you, or you just can't get enough of it, this is your opportunity to get your hands on some cheesy mac. And if it's out of stock at your Costco store, don't sweat it, because this deal is running for practically all of July.

Here's why this discounted mac and cheese is such a big deal

Now that Costco's mouth-watering deal has been brought to your attention, allow us to further break down why this is such a big to-do. As we already learned thanks to Instagram account @costcobuys, Costco is selling multi-packs of Panera's mac and cheese for $3 off at $5.85, and since there are four containers aka servings within each pack, you're basically paying only $1.50 per meal. Now, if you walked into Panera today for lunch or dinner, a bowl of mac and cheese is going to cost you $8.99 (via Panera). Pasta is easily one of the most expensive things on their menu and at $9 you're getting one serving (maybe one and a half). Big picture speaking, even Costco's full-sale price of $8.58 is cheaper than one bowl of mac and cheese at the chain.

However, Costco isn't the only retailer selling Panera's mac and cheese. Target is too, and their 16-ounce product costs $4.99 (via Target). But Costco is still the least expensive option even before the markdown is included. If you're on the fence about buying the mac, take this fan's word for it: "This mac n cheese was FIRE [three fire emojis]."