Does Heinz Mayoreo Sauce Really Exist?

Heinz has united its condiments to create a whole line of mixed sauces, which provide the tasty convenience of only having to squeeze one bottle on your burger instead of two. There's "Kranch" (ketchup and ranch), "Mayoracha" (mayonnaise and sriracha), and "Mayomust" (mayo and mustard), to name just a few. June 2021 may go down in history as the month when Heinz added an incredibly peculiar new flavor mash-up to this clique — or did they?

Heinz fans and Instagram users flipped when an Instagram image popped up revealing what seemed to be the latest member of the brand's two-sauces-become-one portfolio. "Mayoreo" is, unfortunately, exactly what it sounds like: mayo and Oreos. It's a charming shade of... dishwater? "Try the grey stuff, it's delicious," joked Instagrammer @webpaige about Mayoreo's appearance. Aesthetics aside, mayonnaise with chocolate cookies and vanilla cream? This seems like a condiment abomination. Unlike fries dipped in your milkshake, Mayoreo is the kind of sweet and savory fusion that most certainly wouldn't work. What would you even put this on? People were so perplexed, Mayoreo made the news in Houston (via YouTube). How could this wacky and possibly stomach-churning sauce be real?

The Instagrammer behind Mayoreo

The answer, of course, is that Mayoreo is most certainly not real — thank goodness for all of us, except maybe the extreme snack thrill-seekers. Snopes confirmed that Mayoreo is 100% fake. A spokesperson for Heinz stated, "We do not produce Mayoreo." Case closed!

LatestLY had also been investigating behind the scenes, pointing out that there was no evidence of Mayoreo on Heinz's own website. It turns out that Mayoreo is the creation of @DoctorPhotograph, a popular Instagram account based on photoshopped products that are for laughs, not sale. @DoctorPhotograph has also trolled the public with nacho cheese Oreos, and Cannibal's — instead of Campbell's — "foot soup." 

Flavor combos have gotten so wacky IRL lately that clever social media users have plenty of opportunity to poke some fun. There is a real mustard beer, for example, made by Oskar Blues Brewery. Instagrammers in the past have played on the popularity of, say, White Claw hard seltzer and ranch by mocking up a promo for ranch-flavored seltzer (via The CW Phoenix). Ranch seltzer sounds about as refreshing as Oreo-flavored mayo sounds appetizing, though, so we're glad these are all just in good fun.