The Shocking Reason This Cape Cod Seafood Company Lost $10,000 Worth Of Lobsters

Once upon a time, lobster was super-cheap, so cheap that it was considered "the poor man's protein." Seriously, according to Spoon University, lobsters were once known as "cockroaches of the sea" and even fed to prisoners several centuries ago. Needless to say, things have changed a bit since then. Due to increased scarcity (everything other than humans is scarcer than it was in the 1700s) plus the fact that it somehow became trendy in Victorian times and never lost that status, well, you practically need to take out a 2nd mortgage if you want a lobster dinner these days.

That's why one man's crime of lobstercide was so shocking — not just for the tragic loss of life, but for the serious loss of revenue for the seafood market that owned those murdered lobsters. According to Food & Wine, the crime cost the business somewhere in the neighborhood of $10,000.

Who killed the lobsters?

Superior Lobster and Seafood, a seafood market in Sandwich, Massachusetts (a town whose motto really should be "Try the Lobstah Roll"), has a tank full of live lobsters because lobsters are best if you cook them fresh. By fresh, we mean while they're still alive, which is kind of gross if you think about it, so let's not. Anyway, the point being, if lobsters die in the tank, of natural causes or whatever lobsters die from, they are no longer potential food but very expensive trash. Sadly, a few days ago every lobster in Superior's tank passed away, but the cause was definitely not natural.

As Food & Wine explains, Superior Lobster and Seafood was formerly known as Mr. Vaudo's Fish Market. Owner Joseph Vaudo declared bankruptcy and closed the business in 2019, and a year later it re-opened under new ownership and a new name. According to a Facebook post from the Sandwich Police Department, Mr. Vaudo was evidently not a fan of the new business, since he was caught on surveillance camera unplugging the air compressor and oxygen supply to the lobster tank. He also tossed some unauthorized refuse into the business's dumpster, since hey, why not take out the trash while you're out vandalizing? Unfortunately for Mr. Vaudo, his multitasking just caused additional trouble, as he's now being charged with illegal dumping as well as felony vandalism of property. The lobsters are still dead, though, and Superior Lobster and Seafood is still out a pretty significant sum.