These Are Olympic Gymnast MyKayla Skinner's Favorite Foods

As the oldest member of the USA Gymnastics Olympic Team, MyKayla Skinner, is preparing for Tokyo 2020. Although few people will reach that crowning sports achievement, many people are wondering what does an Olympian eat? While some people might think that Olympians follow a strict food regime, the truth is that these athletes often like the same foods that everyone else craves. In a recent Delish interview, Skinner admitted that her eating choices might change depending on her training and upcoming competitions. 

Beyond smoothies as part of her morning routine, some of her off-training favorite foods are fettuccine Alfredo, pizza, In-N-Out Burger, and French fries. Although she admitted that she is "superstitious about what foods she needs to eat before go-time," her non-training food choices are quite relatable. Even though she has cut out gluten, except on the weekends, her eating patterns seem to show a balance. From avoiding counting calories to not having a strict meal schedule, her commentary shows that athletes and their food choices can sometimes be similar to ours.

MyKayla Skinner's hydration revelation might surprise you

While some people might be doing cartwheels after reading Skinner's Delish interview that shared some of her favorite foods, another aspect of her food story is also relatable. The athlete admitted that "hydration is hard." Although she avoids caffeine, staying on top of her hydration can be a struggle. Even though she admitted "it never seems good enough," she did seem to concede that she should drink more water since "water helps with recovery." While that water battle might be within reach at the gym, it might need to be re-filled more frequently. 

Although many people can understand the concept of drinking more water, the Mayo Clinic shares that there is not an easy answer when it comes to the exact amount of water a person needs each day. Factors like activities, locales, body weight, and other items can impact the amount of water that should be drunk. However, it makes sense to take a sip of water if you're feeling parched — even Olympians can use this simple tactic.