Martha Stewart Is Recovering From Surgery Following An Accident

Every now and again, we get graphic, and sometimes even gross reminders that our favorite celebs are human too. Such was the case with Martha Stewart, one of America's favorite hostesses with the mostest, who took to Instagram to share a grim photo of a leg suspended in the air, which appeared to be wrapped in bandages. Stewart revealed the reason for the cryptic photo — surgery for a ruptured Achilles tendon. 

"Tried to get it to heal on its own to no avail," she wrote. "The great @drjohnkennedy @nyulangone performed a three hour operation yesterday to repair the damage. Recuperating at home I have been ordered to lay still with leg elevated for two weeks. After that another two to four weeks of crutches. Then maybe some more normal activity." The homemaker said that while injuries like these typically occur when someone is engaged in strenuous physical activity, such as dancing or sports, the cause of her injury was a bit more relatable — stepping out of a car in the dark, and going straight into a hole.

Martha Stewart's fans took to social media to send their best wishes

The Achilles tendon is located at the back of your leg and connects your back calf and your heel bone. While Mayo Clinic says surgery is often needed to fix the injury, it can also heal without an operation, but clearly Stewart wasn't so lucky. Fans and friends responded to her post by sending their best wishes. Among those that gave the recovering domestic icon a shoutout were Ellen Pompeo, who commented, "Glad to hear you are on your way to a full recovery !!! Lots of love from your favorite fake doctor." Fellow celeb chef Dorie Greenspan also wrote, "Ugh and oh and ouch and I'm so sorry this happened to you – xoxo Dorie." 

Drew Barrymore even sent a note that all of us would kill to hear, "Your [sic] still so sexy !!! so so so sexy!" Veteran journalist Cynthia McFadden gave voice to what a number of us must have thought when we heard that Stewart was recovering from surgery, "I have no doubt you will quickly rise again!!! (And in the meantime figure out how to create something fabulous from a reclining position forcing the rest of us to learn how to do it too!) all best wishes."