How McDonald's Fans Really Feel About Australia's New Birthday McFlurry

McDonald's has some amazing regional products across the world. According to Spoon University, McDonald's patrons across Hawaii can enjoy a Peaches & Mango pie, diners in Wisconsin can pick up a McBratwurst, and you can even get biscuits and gravy across certain states in the South. These specialty items can easily get you excited to pick up a McDonald's order if you ever visit these areas, and now, Australia has entered the fray with their own one-of-a-kind offering.

McDonald's Australia announced a new addition to their menu in a recent Instagram post. Its Instagram account posted a picture of a brand-new Birthday McFlurry, which includes small bites of custard pie and caramel sauce. "Ding, ding! Looks like Uber Eats just dropped something veeeeery exclusive and delicious for you. *Whispers badly* It's the Custard Pie and our new Birthday McFlurry here a week early only on @ubereats_aus," McDonald's wrote in the caption. The post has so far raked in almost 5,000 likes and a ton of comments, and followers can't hold back their excitement.

A McFlurry that has Australians cheering

The Birthday McFlurry has Instagram excited to try out the new treat. Comments like, "I would kill for that McFlurry," and "OMG YUMMMMMM," line the comments section, as McDonald's fans continue to drool over the new offering. While the item has tempted Australians, not everyone was thrilled with the new offering. "Is there meant to be 1 whole custard pie inside the McFlurry? I just had one delivered to mine and was disappointed to find only half a pie," one Instagrammer claimed.

If you find yourself in Australia and feel ready to treat yourself, make sure to track down the Birthday McFlurry for a delicious good time. With any luck, this unique menu item can find its way stateside and grace patrons across America. Until then, keep your fingers crossed that the dessert makes it to the U.S. and try out this McFlurry if you find yourself in Australia anytime soon.