Only 15% Of People Consider This Treat Their Favorite Summer Food

When summer rolls around, there are certain foods everyone just can't wait to enjoy. The long days make for perfect opportunities for grilling and dining outdoors while the blazing temperatures make cool, refreshing foods all the more tempting. Though some foods readily come to mind like hot dogs, hamburgers, cool melons, and scoops of ice cream, not all of them rank as highly for individuals as their favorite.

Mashed recently took a survey of 25,000 people worldwide to find out what summertime food ranks supreme. The options included grilled foods, fresh fruit, ice cream or popsicles, or other. Grilled food came out on top, with 60% of the votes or 15,000 people. The runner-up was fresh fruit, with 23% of the vote from 5,750 people. From grilled meat and vegetables to juicy melons and berries, people clearly like the abundance of options that are light, crisp, and fresh, or that can be easily prepared and enjoyed outdoors.

These were the least popular options

The least selected option in Mashed's survey was the "other" option, garnering only 2% of the vote from 500 people. What might be most surprising is that only 15% of respondents (or 3,750 people) selected ice cream or popsicles as their favorite summertime food. Even during the hottest, sweltering days of summer, ice cream was still the third-favorite choice for many people who participated in the Mashed survey.

Many people who selected the "other" option commented to explain their summer food preference, and they had some interesting alternatives. One person wrote, "Seafood. I love eating fish, mussels, and such in the summer because it's lighter than other proteins." Someone else said, "I love all the fresh vegetables out of the garden. Tomatoes, sweet peppers, squash, swiss chard and tons of herbs!" Others mentioned summery foods like homemade salsa, potato salad, and pasta salad. Plenty of people also named the specific fresh fruit they love to enjoy during warmer months too — watermelon, mango, and pineapple were popular picks.