This Kitchen Mishap Caused Princess Diana To Call The Fire Department

Princess Diana had specific food preferences that she usually stuck to. As Hello! Magazine relates, she preferred to include fruits and muesli in her diet as a part of her breakfast routine on a regular basis. She eventually introduced eggs in her diet, and did not stop herself from experimenting a little bit whenever she was in the mood for something different. She was also a big fan of bell peppers and didn't say no to a bit of cheese. Most of us can identify with that one, right?

Additionally, she kept her evening meals light, with some wholesome beetroot soup that included healthy ingredients such as yogurt, beetroot, chicken stock, milk, sour cream, a couple of classic seasoning options such as salt and pepper, and more. She preferred a diet full of nutritious vegetables instead of meat options like beef and pork. Plus, she didn't mind indulging in chicken and fish. The princess also allowed herself to experiment with lamb when she had guests at home.

Even someone as meticulous and careful as Princess Diana couldn't completely escape certain hiccups while cooking, though. In fact, she once had to turn to the fire department for help.

It was an accident

In a special interview, Princess Diana's chef, Darren McGrady, spoke about her culinary misadventures (via YouTube.) He said that things particularly got out of hand once when she had a friend visiting her for a meal at the royal palace. Her chef mentioned that the princess wasn't too comfortable making dishes by herself in the kitchen. He said that Princess Diana and her friend tried making pasta by themselves but things didn't go as planned when the "pasta boiled over" and the pilot lights went off.

Princess Diana realized something was off when she checked the status of their meal in the kitchen and smelled gas. She immediately contacted the fire department for assistance. She told Chef McGrady later that she almost started a fire accidentally in the kitchen and described the incident at length. Her sense of humor remained intact, though. She joked that she had several good-looking firemen to herself at the time of the accident. That said, it was definitely a scary incident and everyone was glad that nothing bad happened that day.