Pizza Hut Taiwan's Century Egg Pizza Is Turning Heads

Pizza Hut isn't exactly a stranger to creating unique and unusual menu items. From their American-style hot dog crust pizza to the Indonesian fish and chips pie to the marmite-stuffed crust at locations in New Zealand (via Delish), the restaurant chain hasn't exactly shied away from coming up with creative, and maybe even a little crazy, food items. But the latest offering from Pizza Hut in Taiwan might just beat them all. 

According to Taiwan News, the Hut has just released a new mouthful called the "cilantro century egg pig's blood cake pizza." It takes regional ingredients like locally grown cilantro and peanut powder, preserved eggs, and pig's blood cake (a Taiwanese delicacy made of pig's blood, broth, and sticky rice, according to Cook, Serve, Delicious), and combines them with the restaurant's classic pizza pie. 

Although the ingredient mix is more than a little unusual, "once melted mozzarella cheese ties them together, the explosion in your mouth is better than you had imagined," according to a post made by Pizza Hut that sounds like even they are trying to rationalize it. However, not everyone is convinced. The interesting new menu item has caught the attention of pizza lovers all over the world, and quite a few people have taken to social media to express their feelings about it — and there's been quite a lot of thoughts.

People have mixed feelings about Pizza Hut Taiwan's new release

One Reddit user posted the news to the site, and many people responded with a mixture of intrigue, curiosity, and outright horror. More than a few adventurous eaters said they would be down to try the new cilantro century egg pig's blood cake pizza. "Not even going to lie I'm going to order this and smash. The blood cake peanut powder cilantro thing is probably my favorite night market food and century egg isn't bad at all if it's eaten with OTHER things," one excited Reddit user responded.

However, many others felt the ingredients were strange, and certainly did not belong as pizza toppings. "Nooooooo ... Love Taiwanese food in general, but the blood cake is too much. And it has no place on a pizza!" one person replied. "I know these words, but why are they next to each other," another skeptical user joked. 

So, while Pizza Hut Taiwan's new release has certainly stirred some strong emotions on all sides, the jury is still out on whether it is a uniquely delicious creation or a pizza monstrosity. But, like they say, you can't knock it until you've tried it.