The Luxurious Way Andrew Zimmern Celebrated His 60th Birthday

When you're a chef-entrepreneur with a successful restaurant company, a hit Travel Channel show, three books to your name, multiple James Beard and Emmy awards, and a net worth of $10 million, how do you celebrate your 60th birthday?

Followers of Andrew Zimmern's Instagram account found out just how he feted the milestone via a recent post that read: "First meal of the second half of my life after my cryogenic treatment earlier this morning." As revealed by the accompanying photo, that meal was caviar and salmon on a cream cheese bagel. Not bad. Though he didn't reveal what brand the fish eggs were, the good stuff (and we assume Andrew Zimmern chooses only the good stuff) starts at about $150 for 30 grams (that's just over an ounce), says Eater.

It's just one of the milestones the "Bizarre Foods" host has shared on his social media recently. In January 2020, Zimmern celebrated 28 years of sobriety with a post that read, in part, "Every anniversary I wonder 'why me'? Why me when so many others end up in jails, institutions, or die from this illness?" In March, Zimmern also shared a photo of himself receiving the COVID-19 vaccination, with a Tweet saying, "This is a game changer for the world. And today a big step for me in my pursuit of wellness, taking care of myself and my community."

Will cryotherapy help Andrew Zimmern see 120?

Andrew Zimmern's caviar birthday Instagram post concluded with the hashtag #60isthenew40, but we're still puzzled by his claims of beginning the "second half of my life." If he plans to live to 120, it might be related to the cryogenic treatment he received that does well to preserve the human body.

Healthline says the technique exposes parts of the body to extremely cold temperatures — as low as -200℉. For whole-body cryotherapy, the recipient enters an ultra-cold chamber for several minutes. According to Cryo, the treatments may help to heal damaged tissue, boost metabolism and blood circulation, strengthen the immune system, and increase longevity. Now that's a reason to celebrate.

To cap his birthday, Zimmern posted a late-night photo on Twitter of what appears to be a birthday celebration at his home. "Goodnight world and thanks for an epic birthday," he said. "Everyone hug each other a little tighter tonight. Thank you to all who wished me well. I'm so grateful and so blessed. End of the night out here..."

Happy Birthday, Andrew. Here's hoping for many more years of great cooking ideas and entertaining television.