Costco Has Good News For Fans Of Its Popular Chocolate Cake

Costco's chocolate cake has a cult-like fan following. Many vouch for how delicious this treat is. These All American chocolate cakes, as they're called, are big enough to easily feed all your guests at a birthday party (via Today). The desserts are a whopping seven pounds and the rich, dense cake sold for just $16.99, according to the Daily Meal

Sadly, around two years ago, there was bad news for fans of the Costco chocolate cake who were forced to see their beloved item being taken away from stores. Things got so intense that a petition was created online (via "Please bring back this amazing dessert or at least offer it as a special order item in the bakery department," the petition read. Luckily, the brand paid attention to its customers' requests and has resurrected the much-loved item in some ways. According to Eat This, Not That!, Costco has a surprise for all its customers who have shown so much love for its All American chocolate cake.

Costco's chocolate cake is now available in the form of a mini cake

According to Eat This, Not That!, Costco has reintroduced its All American chocolate cake in the form of a sweet little surprise. Say hello to mini chocolate cakes! These mini treats from Costco are still pretty awesome, per early reviews. The best update? These cakes, which run $7.99 for a pack of six, have the same flavor as their original counterparts. One Redditor wrote, "Same cake, fudge, and chocolate shavings we used on the big AA cakes only now in cupcake form." However, another poster noted these mini cakes are actually bigger than the size of a typical cupcake.

Another fan who managed to try the cake wrote, "Bought them on my break yesterday and shared them in the break room. Big hit." Sounds like good news, eh? Also, a video that was recently posted on Instagram gave fans a quick look at the chocolate cupcakes and has already attracted thousands of viewers. Most are super excited and cannot wait to try the new cakes. As a fan said, "They should keep them and all Costco [outlets] should sell them!"