NBA Star Scottie Pippen Has A New Gourmet Popcorn Line. Here's What We Know So Far

Remember Scottie Pippen? If you are of a certain age, then chances are you remember him quite well as Michael Jordan's sidekick on the unstoppable '90s Chicago Bulls. While the great MJ moved on to excel at pretty much everything (with the possible exception of baseball) and be forever immortalized as an iconic shoe brand, Pippen has maintained a somewhat lower profile. He's gone through some tough times since his NBA career ended, including the loss of a son and a troubled marriage with "Real Housewife of Miami" star Larsa Pippen.

Things aren't all doom and gloom on the Scottie Pippen front, however. The Takeout says that he recently joined the long line of celebs marketing their own designer booze brands (Pippen's drink of choice is his new Digits Bourbon). Not only that but Pippen's now releasing his own line of fancy flavored popcorn.

Pippen's popcorn comes in some unusual flavors

Pippen recently spoke with People about why he chose his new career as a high-end popcorn vendor. It seems he's all about mindful eating now that he's no longer on the basketball court, and his new brand, HUSK, is meant to be a "health-forward" snack: gluten-free, organic, and incorporating some superfood-type ingredients. In order to come up with the perfect healthy popcorn, Pippen partnered with a chef (and Bulls fan) named R.C. Mills. As Mills explains it, their goal with HUSK was to create something that "when you eat this and you've finished, you'll feel like, 'Okay, that was good' ... It just gives you energy."

So that's the why of it, but how about the how? HUSK is available now via the product website (and soon from Amazon, too), but it'll cost you: $4.99 for a 5.5-ounce bag. For that price, though, you get your choice of flavors that are pretty unique as far as popcorn goes: cayenne/ginger, matcha/coconut water, yacon/turmeric, moringa, spirulina/dragonfruit, and kale/broccoli. If a few of these ingredients are so exotic that you're not even sure what they are, you're not the only one. The Takeout admits they had to look a few things up, but shares the info that moringa is a medicinal herb that comes from tree seed pods, while yacon is the fruity-tasting root of some kind of daisy. Umm, yum?