Chef Michael Mina's Tip For Creating The Perfect Summer Steak Dish

Celebrity chef and restaurateur Michael Mina is a person who thinks that every person can experiment with their cooking skills and do something different in the kitchen. For instance, he thinks that it's possible for most to work with nontraditional cuts of meat while preparing a dish at home (via Food Sided). He states that home chefs should "first and foremost to absolutely do it" instead of letting their doubts and fears take over.

The way he sees it is simple: Traditional cuts of meat can always work as a backup option and aren't going anywhere. Plus, no home chef is truly alone, and they have plenty of resources to turn to such as how-to videos and cookbooks if they're feeling unsure.

Also, chef Mina uses a specific approach based on the season in order to play with the right kind of flavors that can really elevate a dish and make it stand out even further. "The first thing that I would do is to think about what is in season and only really available this time of year," he explained.

Chef Michael Mina's advice is super useful

As per chef Michael Mina, it's wise to take advantage of the ingredients that are available in abundance during the summer and use them while preparing a steak (via Food Sided). Not sure how to take advantage of this tip? Here is an example: The chef loves the idea of adding corn to his recipes at the moment. "Right now, corn is absolutely delicious and in peak season," he said. "Thinking about the sweetness of the corn, the next idea is to layer flavor profiles."

The crucial tip here is to think about the flavors one by one. If the steak has rich flavors, cream corn can balance things nicely, according to chef Mina. Also, he may proceed to make the dish spicier and "add some acidity to balance the richness of a steak." His goal is straightforward: add as many flavors as he can in a single dish.