The Absurd Amount Of Calories In Heart Attack Grill's Octuple Bypass Burger

Under Nevada's baking desert sun lies a place whose very name can be synonymous with sin. A shimmering oasis of golden pyramids and staggering glass palaces, of untold wealth, of dreams both fulfilled and crushed. It is a place to begin, and to end. It's either Heaven on Earth, or the modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah. In this seductive wonderland we call Las Vegas is an establishment where the most decadent of meals are served by staff dressed in low-cut "nurse" outfits, where the only limit is marked by the towering pillars of beef and bacon on the menu. The sound of piercing jingling of slot machines is replaced by the hiss of grills and the smell of lard and dripping fat.

This place is the Heart Attack Grill. Within this house of big eats is found a very special type of burger Dr. Jon Basso and his team of cholesterol-bearing candy stripers have dreamed up in the fat-soaked kitchens of the HAG. This burger has a name. It's called the OBB — the Octuple Bypass Burger.

What is the Octuple Bypass Burger?

This isn't your Big Mac burger that's been squished down barely bigger than the beef patty. Abandon your weak ideas of a Baconator's imperfect form. No. The Octuple Bypass Burger earned its name.

According to a 2015 report by Newsweek, the OBB consists of eight beef patties cooked in lard — that's roughly four pounds of sizzling beef — alongside slabs of fried bacon, a few fistsful of chili slathered on, and drenched in cheese. This is a foot-and-a-half tall, a giant of gastric destruction. The calorie count? Estimated at 19,990 per. If you could finish that, you'd have enough calories to last you 10 days. If that doesn't sound too appealing to you, don't worry; for a few extra bucks you could toss on 40 extra pieces of bacon to help round those calories to a big fat even number.

What does 20,000 calories even look like? That's 80 ounces of olive oil (from Fat Secret). Or 38 Quarter Pounders with Cheese (via McDonald's). If you're a Burger King fan, that's 27 Whoppers with Cheese (via Fast Food Nutrition). The OBB is, quite literally, a monster.

But if you're looking to eat healthy at the Heart Attack Grill and don't want to cause your heart to explode like an overfilled water balloon, simply order the Quadruple Bypass Burger, which alongside some lard-soaked fries and buttercream shake, totals a modest (by comparison) 12,410 calories. Because moderation, right?