This Is The Least Popular Chick-Fil-A Sauce, According To Reddit

The most beloved Chick-fil-A sauce has never been up for debate, really. A lot of the websites that like to rank things, Wide Open Eats and Insider included, put the chain's signature Chick-fil-A sauce at the top of their lists. You also heard it straight from the chicken's mouth: Chick-fil-A reported on its website at the end of 2020 that its namesake sauce was No. 1 in every state in the union, with either the Barbecue or Polynesian sauce getting the second-most love.

So, the question has been asked and answered many times already, but someone on the Chick-fil-A subreddit decided to revisit the debate: What's your favorite sauce? The result was unsurprising, if a little controversial. Chick-fil-A sauce garnered more than half of the votes in a field that named five of the chain's seven sauce options. The Redditor who designed this poll didn't see fit to include Sweet & Spicy Sriracha or Zesty Buffalo, relegating those to "other/none." The controversy came from someone who knows how to set their font size on Reddit to really big. They commented, "HONEY ROASTED BARBECUE!!! How loud do I have to scream get Honey Roasted BBQ on one of these polls!" Honey Roasted Barbecue usually isn't included in online Chick-fil-A sauce rankings. The sauce really isn't a dipper but is meant for the chain's grilled chicken, per Chick-fil-A's sauce webpage.

It's clear which sauces Chick-fil-A's customers love. Which was their least favorite, according to Reddit?

Honey Mustard often ends up at the bottom of Chick-fil-A sauce polls

Chick-fil-A's Sriracha and Buffalo options weren't represented in a favorite Chick-fil-A sauce poll that ended July 7 on Reddit, but the least popular sauce otherwise was Honey Mustard, which only earned 49 out of 959 total votes. Only one Redditor on this poll objected in the comments. "I can't believe OG honey mustard isn't #1," they wrote.

Maybe the time is ripe for Chick-fil-A to update its Honey Mustard recipe. (On the other hand, Chick-fil-A got so much backlash for changing its Barbecue sauce five years ago it was forced to revert to the original, according to Business Insider.) Chick-fil-A fans on Reddit must be conducting sauce polls on the regular, as a different Reddit poll on the topic just closed a few days ago. Honey Mustard again was a clear loser. The only sauce with a lower vote total on that poll was ketchup, which didn't belong on the list as a unique Chick-fil-A sauce to begin with. Polynesian came in second on this poll, even though it was referred to as "Pomeranian" — apparently, some sort of inside joke among Chick-fil-A regulars and employees.

Don't get the wrong idea — Honey Mustard has its fans. MyRecipes went against the trend and voted the surprisingly tangy Honey Mustard No. 1 and the ever-popular Chick-fil-A sauce second worst and "a little meh."