This Hack Will Allow You To Make Whipped Cream Without A Whisk

Banana splits. Pumpkin pie. Hot chocolate. Waffles. These may seem like four wildly different treats, but they all have one thing in common — they're exponentially better when topped with a huge dollop of whipped cream. And yes, we're talking any version of the creamy topping from Cool Whip to the canned stuff. However, we can all probably agree that neither of those quite compare to a spoonful of fluffy, homemade whipped cream on top of a towering stack of waffles or a yummy ice cream sundae.

It can seem a little intimidating to make your own batch of the sweet and airy topping if you've never done it before, especially when restaurants are advertising things like olive oil-infused whipped cream on top of their desserts, but we can assure you that the task is much easier than it sounds. All you really need is some heavy cream, though a little bit of sugar and vanilla extract will help take the treat to the next level. You don't have to worry about the rigorous whisking that's typically associated with homemade whipped cream either, as there's a genius hack available that'll allow you to ditch the kitchen utensil altogether.

All you really need is a mason jar to make homemade whipped cream

Gone are the days of working up a sweat while making your own whipped cream, and the days of having to do dishes after whipping it up as well. A brilliant hack shared by Parade offers the option to nix both the mixing bowl and whisk, in favor of something we all probably have sitting in one of our kitchen cabinets — a jar. Parade specifically suggests using a mason jar, though any kind will work. Basically, as long as you have a container with a tight-fitting lid, you're good to go.

Start by putting your vessel of choice in the freezer for 10 to 15 minutes. Go ahead and throw your heavy cream in there too, as this will help your whipped cream form quicker and prevent it from deflating too fast. Once both are nice and chilly, pull them out and pour one cup of the cream into your jar, along with any other sweeteners that you may want to add. Screw the lid on tightly and, in the words of OutKast, "shake it like a Polaroid picture." You're going to want to go for at least five minutes, or until you notice the swooshing sound of the cream start to quell in the jar, and that's it. No fuss-no muss homemade whipped cream ready for you to enjoy.