This Is Mindy Kaling's Dream Dinner Party Guest

If you've ever hosted a dinner party, then you know half the work is determining the menu and who will be in attendance. But when you are not under any limitation as to who can come to the dinner party, the guest list might look a little different. While Ina Garten would stick to an amazing guest list of politicians, celebrity chefs and even some of her own friends in real life, Mindy Kaling has different plans. According to Bon Appétit, Kaling would only want to invite one single guest because she wouldn't want to share this person with anyone else.

Kaling told Bon Appétit that she would want the late Mike Nichols to be her sole dinner party companion. "As a director, Nichols is really inspiring. I was reading the biography that Mark Harris wrote about him. His career spans so many genres," Kaling said. As a writer and actress in the industry herself, she clearly would have a lot of shop talk to discuss with him.

If she had to invite others, these are the people she'd include

Kaling went on to say, "He did 'The Graduate,' which is obviously a drama-comedy. But he also did theater and came up doing improv in Chicago. He had a really interesting, incredible life." Naturally, the director (pictured above) behind "The Graduate," "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" and "Working Girl" would be an incredible dinner companion (via IMDB). 

But if Kaling absolutely had to invite two additional guests, Bon Appétit wanted to know who it would be from two of her previous television shows, "Never Have I Ever" and "The Office." Starting with "Never Have I Ever," Kaling said, "I would bring Devi, the star of 'Never Have I Ever,' although she's such a handful that I might regret that decision. But I think she'd be the most fun because I would love to learn how teenagers are speaking and maybe she could show me how to do TikTok." She then went on to pick from "The Office." "From 'The Office' it would probably be Oscar. When I was writing for 'The Office,' I wrote an episode that included The Finer Things Club. Oscar was a founding member and so cute," Kaling said. From her choices it sounds like it would be one heady, comical gathering, without a doubt.