Costco Fans Are Divided On These Chocolate Dipped Banana Dessert Bars

While many Costco shoppers are screaming for more ice cream during National Ice Cream Month, these chocolate dipped banana dessert bars have a few people not speaking quite as loudly. Although plant-based frozen treats and healthier dessert options get many people excited, this new brand found in select Costco locations in California and Hawaii have some people wondering if it is better to skip the dessert choice all together.

Instagrammer @costcobuys recently spotted the Must Love Chocolate Dipped Banilla Ice Cream Bars and wrote, "These are plant-based, sweetened with real fruit, are only 120 calories each, and have just 1g of added sugar." While this frozen option seems like a real treat for people following a vegan diet, the reviews are mixed. One social media user commented on the post, "These are good!! Like a frozen banana just softer!" Unfortunately, another follower said that the flavor was not great and they were even planning on returning them. Although the reviewers are divided, the banilla bars might have just started peeling back the layer on the plant-based frozen dessert topic.

What other products does Must Love make?

While some people are enjoying the Must Love chocolate dipped banana dessert bars currently being sold at Costco, it isn't the only treat available from the brand. In a quest to find plant-based ice cream that patrons love, the brand's owners developed its line of "nice cream." According to the company, each nice cream is made with "simple, real ingredients and naturally sweetened with fruit." While the ingredients vary depending on the flavor, dates are often used as the fruit sweetener.

As seen on its website, Must Love offers two types of plant-based nice cream, one that is banana based and another that is oat milk based. With both novelty bars and pints for sale, the offerings are both simple and complex. From a plain banilla to an extravagant Cashew Cookie Dough, it appears that this brand is trying to prove that plant-based frozen dessert that skips the dairy doesn't lead to boring flavors. With a name like Must Love there is a lot to love about these frozen dessert choices.