The Real Reason Angelina Jolie Is Taking Brad Pitt To Court Over Wine

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have been going through their divorce in the public eye since 2016, but they have prioritized their wine business despite it all and continued to produce outstanding wine (via Glamour). Chateau Miraval Winery, the estate in the south of France where Jolie and Pitt married in 2014 and the company they own equal shares of, is now the subject of a court motion that was just filed by Jolie. Why the sudden change of heart and court proceedings?

Jolie and Pitt have even expanded the business since splitting up, viewing the winery as an investment and a way to secure their children's future (via People). As recently as last year, they announced the newest addition to the Chateau Miraval lineup: a delicious rosé champagne made with the famous champagne maker Marc Perrin, according to Wine Spectator.

But now, Angelina Jolie is fighting Brad Pitt over the winery.

The reason Angelina Jolie is taking Brad Pitt to court

Angelina Jolie is taking Brad Pitt to court so that she can sell her share of the Chateau Miraval Winery to a time-sensitive buyer. The buyer is interested in purchasing Nouvel, LLC, the company acquired by Jolie before their marriage. Jolie's lawyer claims she is the sole member of Nouvel, LLC, which legally owns Jolie's share of the winery (via Fox News). Apparently, Jolie has wanted to sell the winery for years and disclosed this information to the court.

Although Jolie wants to sell her share of the business to the interested buyer, she cannot because of Automatic Temporary Restraining Orders (ATROs) that went into place at the very beginning of the divorce in 2016. ATROs prevent either party in a divorce or separation from shifting assets or changing property ownership without the permission of the other party.

Jolie filed a request for the ATROs to be removed already, but it was denied by Brad Pitt's legal team. Now it is being escalated and will be heard in court on September 22.