Why Some People Are Worried That Costco Gas Stations Are 'Scamming' Them

Costco is such a popular store largely because it offers such great prices. While there is a yearly fee to join the wholesale club, Costco fans feel that the savings they rack up from their membership more than make up for the annual charge. It is not only groceries that members save on – Costco members are able to take advantage of discount prices on household goods, electronics, clothing, and even gas from Costco's gas stations. 

However, recently some Costco members have begun to feel that they are not getting the savings from Costco gas that they expect. Instead, some people suspect that Costco gas stations are actually scamming them, by continuing to charge their credit cards even after they have stopped filling their gas tanks. According to AmoMama, one upset Costco customer made a video showing that they had clearly stopped pumping gas from the fuel nozzle, but the pump continued to add charges to their price per gallon fee. And this is not the first time this has happened. In 2015, a customer named Luis Maya reported having the same problem when filling their tank at the Costco gas station in Modesto and claimed that management was dismissive when alerted of the problem.

Overcharging at gas stations might be a sign of a faulty pump

However, some knowledgeable drivers have taken to social media to advise Costco customers on what they should do if this happens to them. According to some responses, the continual charging is not a Costco scam but rather caused by a faulty pump that needs to be taken out of service and repaired. 

"Pump Technician here. That dispenser is in need of service. The valve which opens when a transaction is authorized is going bad. This lets a very small amount of fuel to seep through the valve and slowly turn the meter. If you hung the nozzle back up, however, it would end the transaction immediately. Inform a manager so a service call can be entered," Reddit user u/totty2hotty21 recommended. "Call the certification office listed on the pump and notify the station. This is a highly regulated system and should be able to sort you out," another Reddit user suggested. Meanwhile, others claimed that if the station is notified, the customers should be able to receive a full refund.

So while it might not be an intentional scam, Costco customers should certainly be aware of what they are being charged at the gas pump, and if they notice anything strange, they shouldn't hesitate to alert the manager that there is something wrong with the pump.