Everything We Know About Dawn Burrell's New Restaurant, Late August

Chef Dawn Burrell, best known for her appearances in Bravo's "Top Chef," is a woman who enjoys challenging the odds. As per Thrillist, she's no stranger to performing under pressure and has previously competed in the 2000 Summer Olympics. She said, "My competitive drive is innate, I've been like this all my life. I thrive under pressure and sometimes to my detriment, I create pressurized situations."

She also said that cooking has been a way to explore herself. "For me, cooking was a coming back home moment after my athletic career. I needed to find something else that reflected who I really am," she explained.

Well, Burrell is now all set to launch a project of her own. Her new eatery is intriguingly called Late August and is going to debut this fall. It's a collaboration with chef Chris Williams from Lucille's Hospitality Group. The name was chosen carefully, as the chef said that it pays tribute to "the timing of the traditional Christmas Sears catalog." Incidentally, the eatery is in a Sears building in Houston.

Late August looks like an exciting venture

Per Thrillist, Dawn Burrell is excited to introduce her fans to a fusion of different flavors at Late August. She said that she is keen on combining African and Asian dishes at the restaurant. Chef Burrell does want to challenge certain conventions with her eatery. "I'm hoping that people are becoming more open-minded about food," she explained. "I think people are more inquisitive about food and its origins, recognizing all different cultural cuisines."

She cited her business partner's example: Chris Williams appeared on the show, "High on the Hog," a show that gave viewers a chance to learn about the beauty of African dishes, Southern food, and more. 

Expect to see a few unconventional dishes at Late August. Dawn Burrell said that she wants to use animal skin in some of her dishes, a practice that's prominent in Cambodia and North Africa. Chef Burrell said that she really wants to introduce her diners to food prepared using animal skin and "show them how delicious it can be."