Panera Is Giving Away A Year's Worth Of Mac And Cheese. Here's How To Win

Are you a fan of mac and cheese? Do you think you could eat it every single day for a year? If the answer is a BIG yes, then this sweepstakes was designed for you. In honor of National Mac and Cheese Day, Panera Bread is offering a limited-time mac and cheese subscription where you can enter for the chance to win access to a bowl of mac and cheese every day for an entire year. 

The sweepstakes takes place on July 14, 2021. It's easy to enter: all you have to do is upload a photo or video that highlights just how much you love mac and cheese with the world, according to a press release. 15 winners will be chosen — 10 from Instagram or Twitter and 5 from TikTok. If you're selected, you'll get to have a legitimate excuse to eat mac and cheese for the next 365 days. The only catch is you have to have a MyPanera account and a public social media profile to enter. 

Here's everything you need to know to enter

If eating mac and cheese every day for an entire year sounds like heaven, then you'll definitely want to submit an entry to Panera's sweepstakes. After all, you have a lot of cheesy goodness to gain and nothing to lose.

If your preferred social media platform is Instagram or Twitter, post a photo or a video with the two hashtags "#12MonthsOfMac" and "#sweepstakes," and make sure to tag @panerabread so they can see your entry. Curious about what they're looking for? Let your imagination run wild but here are some ideas listed in the press release that might get your creative juices flowing: "songs, a mac and cheese tattoo, [or] pets named after mac and cheese." 

If TikTok is more your style, then you'll participate in a TikTok Challenge and compete against @theeblackbadger. "Duet this and try saying Mac & Cheese MORE times than @theeblackbadger" and make sure you use the two hashtags, "#SayMacAndCheese" and "#sweepstakes" and of course, tag @panerabread so your entry is counted. Panera's official sweepstakes rules state that winners will be randomly selected, so if your mac and cheese magnum opus doesn't rise to the top, at least you can chalk it up to bad luck.