The New York Post Just Gave A Savage Review Of Subway's New Sandwiches

Subway is a brand that's best known for sandwiches that offer a little something for every kind of palate. According to Eat This, Not That!, the brand recently decided to upgrade its entire menu and come up with new options for its customers. This change was reportedly implemented in a bid to improve Subway's brand identity on account of the fact that Subway was facing a lot of backlash for things like the declining quality of its menu items.

This upgrade included several options, such as more types of bread, "new crispier bacon, new Black Forest ham and oven-roasted turkey," four new Subway sandwiches, additional toppings, and more. However, despite its best efforts, Subway seems to have failed to make an impression. A food reviewer at the New York Post tried Subway's sandwiches and was rather let down by the overall experience. And no, he did not hold back while voicing his opinions on the brand's changes.

Subway has received a lot of criticism

Per the New York Post's Steve Cuozzo, Subway's revamp is simply disappointing. He tried two new sandwiches at a Subway outlet: the Turkey Cali Fresh and Steak Cali Fresh. Sadly, he was displeased as he bit into them and realized that "the crusts were mush, the centers doughy." The meat was not the saving grace, either, and reminded Cuozzo of leftovers and paper. Gulp.

He also didn't think much of the tuna and said that its sandwich spread "tasted like it might once have been tuna." The only element to his liking was the mozzarella cheese in his sandwich. His words were brutal, really. The reviewer wrote, "The 'largest menu update' in the history of the world's largest fast-food company (37,500 outlets) lays a big, fat, sometimes smelly egg." Yikes. Seems like Subway needs to do a better job if it hopes to impress its customers and make sure they keep coming back for more, huh?